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Small Investor's Survival Guide by Yuval Bar-Or

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Risk Management, Financial Literacy and Decision Making

Our objective is to help clients make better decisions for their families and corporate practices. The Light Brigade provides seminars, workshops and other tailored solutions for individuals and organizations seeking to improve risk management, financial literacy and financial decision making.  We often coordinate our educational initiatives with human resources departments and executive coaching or leadership development experts. Our newest seminar series: Pillars of Wealth (created as part of an educational initiative within Johns Hopkins University’s medical school) is offered to health care practitioners (primarily physicians and dentists).

Corporate Credit Risk Assessment Solutions

Pillars of Wealth Book 2 by Dr. Yuval Bar-OrThe recent credit market upheaval has provided a grim reminder that proper identification, quantification, and mitigation of corporate credit risk exposures is crucial for financial and industrial organizations. We provide unique expertise to risk managers, policy makers, and regulators, assisting them in selection of specialized vendors for both off-the-shelf and custom-built default probability, loss given default, and economic capital models.

Management Consulting Focusing on Decision Making in the Face of Risk

Leveraging People for a Corporate Turnaround by Yuval Bar-Or

In our experience a leader’s most crucial function is to make decisions. Our advisory services are geared to helping leaders and managers at all levels to make better decisions in the face of risk or uncertainty. Making better decisions means more successes, fewer setbacks, and ultimately achieving goals more quickly.

Our founder, Yuval Bar-Or

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