About Us

About the Light Brigade

Established in 1998, The Light Brigade draws on founder Dr. Yuval Bar-Or’s expert knowledge of business and finance. We believe that enlightened decisions – those made with better knowledge of facts and consequences – result in lower personal and corporate risk.

Our mission is to …

  • empower individuals to make better decisions  that increase their success and the success of their organizations
  • share knowledge about decision-making in the context of managing risk
  • do so without bias

… and so enable our clients to reach their personal and business goals.


What Our Clients Say about Us

“Dr. Yuval Bar-Or is the Ferrari of investment training given both the high quality and speed of his training. Through his workshops and private consulting sessions, he took our company from zero to sixty in no time. His investment perspective combines core finance lessons with sophisticated human psychology.

He is able to communicate with very effective teaching methods that are also very entertaining and accessible to all areas of professional stages and development.

We learned in hours what would have taken months or years to learn ourselves and consequently were able to avoid painful and costly mistakes. Parenthetically, he was able to achieve all that with humor that put everyone at ease and drew repeated requests for additional trainings. We look forward to working with him in the future to take our company from good to great and highly recommend his services to others.”

– Shani Robins, Ph.D., co-founder of Monterey Peninsula Wisdom Adult Day Health Care Centers, Monterey, California


“Dr. Bar-Or’s Advanced Portfolio Management class at Johns Hopkins University was very informative, intellectually challenging and engaging. He created a great learning environment, brought current financial events to class discussions, and shared his own professional experiences. He is extremely approachable, very helpful and understanding. He really wants all his students to succeed. I highly recommend him.”

– Manal Amin, Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School Graduate Student, Baltimore, Maryland


“Dr. Bar-Or knows how to make finance engaging.

Dr. Bar-Or developed the online Financial Modeling & Analysis course, one of the main finance courses for our Diploma in Management Studies program.  Dr. Bar-Or acted as the instructional designer and subject matter expert to create the curriculum, assessments and a 75-page Student Learning Guide.  He also was the course grader/tutor for the initial intake.

Dr. Bar-Or incorporated his own academic and professional experience to create a course that was academically rigorous and engaging for all levels of students. Dr. Bar-Or brought the theory and concepts to life to make the course practical and interesting.  The feedback from students was very positive and I would certainly hire him again to develop, or teach, another course.”

– Todd Rich, Program Manager, Centre for Continuing Education, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada



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